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April 16, 2008

If the house is a rocking….

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…well Jason and I are probably playing Guitar Hero III. 

After looking and looking and waiting and waiting and looking and looking and waiting….I was finally able to get us a copy of Guitar Hero III for Wii.  I ordered it last week and have been impatiently waiting for it to arrive.  It was delivered to the local post-office on Monday but wasn’t available for pick-up until yesterday.  Last night we headed up to the post-office on our dog walk (the post-office is in the back of the 7-Eleven so it is open late) and just as we were arriving I realized that I had forgotten my ID.  Dumbass!! 

Sooooooo, we went home and I picked up my ID and the car keys and headed back out to pick up my parcel.  Jason didn’t know what I had ordered so he was a little confused as to what could possibly be so exciting that I couldn’t wait until tonight to pick up.  He was just as excited as I was when he saw the box however.  We couldn’t wait to play it so at 9:30 last night we unwrapped our new toy and got the rockin’ started.  Our concert lasted until 11.  We would have kept going but 5:40AM comes very quickly when you go to bed at 11 so we had to tuck our bands in for the night and head to bed.  We can’t wait to get home tonight!

January 21, 2008

Wii love it!!

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After a lot of hunting and a lot of eBay bidding I was finally able to procure a Wii for Jason for his birthday.  His birthday is actually on Tuesday but I gave him his present early – mostly because I wanted to play it. 🙂  He is not really a video game guy but he did seem quite interested in the Wii so I jumped at the chance to get one into the house.  I got it set up last night and we gave it a trial run.  We LOVED it!!!!  It is sooooo much fun.  Totally not like any other video game.  In fact, my right arm is actually stiff this morning from a few marathon tennis matches and a couple of boxing knock-outs.  It is awesome!!  I can’t wait to pick up another controller so we can go head-to-head!

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