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October 19, 2009

How quickly a year passes

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Yesterday was our one year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe that Jason and I have already been married for a whole year. It seems like only a couple of months ago I was gluing invitations together, making fudge and running around like a fool trying to get all the last minute things done. And now a whole year has passed. Wow!!

I won’t say that I’d like to relive the wedding planning so much, but I will admit I would happily relive the wedding day and the honeymoon. The two weeks we spent in Hawaii were FANTASTIC!!!!!

Happy Anniversary Jason!!

May 5, 2008

Moving right along…

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This past week was quite eventful in terms of wedding planning.

We found a guy to marry us.

We learned that the restaurant we wanted to get cheesecake from will do it…and for a great price!

We got an amazing quote from the florist!!

We went to look at the venue again to finalize what we would need in decorations and we still love it as much as we did when we booked it – which is a relief!  The room was set up for a wedding so we were able to see what it will look like when we are there and it was awesome.  So exactly what we wanted.

We’ve (well more I’ve) decided on a number of things such as seating chart, favours and other little bits and bobs.  Now I just have to get cracking and get the stuff made.  Our invitations are still not really coming along but that is just because I keep procrastinating and avoiding them.  But this week I will try to get them going as well.

It was a very successful week and I am finally feeling like things are on track.  We still have a number of things to sort out but at least I am not feeling completely overwhelmed now.  Phew!

May 2, 2008

We have a guy!

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We have someone to marry us!  Wheeeeeeeee!  Jason just sent off the deposit and we are confirmed with our officiant.  So exciting!!!  I also met with the florist a while ago and just got the quote yesterday and it is an amazing price so that is something else we can take off our list.

It has been a great week for wedding bits!!  Now only 1000 other things to do in the next 5.5 months!

April 22, 2008

Little black dress dilemma

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I have decided that for our wedding the bridesmaids will be wearing black.  My original idea was blue with ivory flowers, then it was black with blue flowers and now it is black with orange flowers (not many options out there for blue flowers – especially in October). 

So black dresses eh?  You would think this would be easy.  But alas, it is not proving to be as simple as one would think.  Last night, Linda, Sarah and Eva and I spent 3 hours scouring the stores of Yorkdale and although we have some options we certainly didn’t find a winner.  The options are more “well I don’t hate it” and not really “I love it” and I am looking for an “I love it” option.  I realize I have 6 months left to find these dresses but I was hoping to knock this item off my very large list of things to do and when I headed home last night I was very discouraged by the whole thing.  Sigh.

The hunt continues…

April 14, 2008

Wedding planning update

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So for those of you who are interested in how the wedding plans are going I thought I would give you a wee update.

Wedding Date? – Check.  We are booked for October 18, 2008.  (Only 6 months to go….ack!)

Wedding Venue? (ceremony and reception) – Check.  We are getting married and partying at Hockley Valley Resort in Orangeville.

Wedding Dress? – Check.  I was dreading the idea of dress shopping actually (I’m not much of a shopping fan and I was expecting it would take forever) but Linda and I went out one time and we came home with a dress.  And it cost $299!!!  It needs to be altered as it is actually too big – shocking I know! – but no biggie – it will still be a bargain!

Invitations? – sort of a check.  We are making them ourselves (we originally decided that this would be a cheaper option but at the end of the day it will probably cost us twice what it would have if we just got someone else to do it) and I have the overall design all sorted out but the construction of them is not moving ahead all that quickly.  I have 39 covers done (about 20 to go) but the fiddly bits (ribbon and little pockets to hold maps etc.) are not even started.

Wedding favours? – Idea is done – actual favours? – not even started.  I won’t give away the whole idea but I will tell you that it will involve baked goods.  The baking won’t happen until much closer to the wedding but I need to do some sample runs to see what works best.

Wedding Cake? – well this one has been a challenge because as a baker it really grinds my gears to be quoted $500 and up for a cake.  And that is for a very simple cake!  So we have an idea of getting some whole cheesecakes from a restaurant that we love and if that doesn’t work out I have a few contacts of some cake ladies that may be able to give us a deal.

Flowers? – Check – sort of.  We went on Saturday to the florist to get ideas and a price.  We now have the ideas but I am just waiting to see what the price is.  If it is something I can live with – we can mark this one off as well.  I am expecting it to be reasonable as it is a florist I actually know but we shall see.

DJ? – Check!

Photographer? – Check!  We originally were just going to get either a friend or one of Jason’s uncles to take pictures but Jason’s mom told us about a guy that does wedding photography on the side and we went to see him and his stuff was really good and he gave us a FANTASTIC deal as we were the kids of a friend of a friend and so we signed him up.  As it turns out he is now an award winning photographer as he just won two awards in Vegas.  Way to go Ian!

Bridesmaid Dresses?  Still outstanding.  We have come to a decision on colours (original idea was blue but we have moved on to black) but we are still looking for a dress that works.  Linda (who is my Matron of Honour) is coming for a visit in early May so hopefully we can get everyone sorted out then.

And I think that about gets you up to speed on where we are.  We still have a number of things to get together like meal choices, songs, itineraries for the DJ and photographer, printing of invitations and a ton of other items that are small details but seem to add up.  I’m tired just thinking about it actually.  I just need to remember that it is supposed to be fun and exciting.  Most of the time that is easy but I will admit there have been a few times already where I have forgotten and it just seems like more work that I don’t have time to finish.  Where does the time go??

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