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February 1, 2006

Um, how did you find me?

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I was looking at my stats recently and some of the search phrases used are just confusing. For example, why would someone who searched for “swollen tonsils from vitamin overdose ” click through to my blog? Could they really have thought that I could help them in some way? I was curious about what post of mine would actually be returned for this search. So what did I do? Well I searched it myself of course! Well I have no idea how this person found me as my blog was not returned by any of the search engines I used. Iiiiiinteresting!!

Here is a list of some other amusing search phrases that resulted in some extra traffic to my site.

mononucleosis pic’s (I’ve had mono – I doubt the pics would be very attractive)
seeing black spots (apparently I am becoming a hotspot for people looking for health advice)
peeping jane (perhaps this is related to my doll house chronicles)
pedestrian hit january 10, 2006 (well y’all should know why this one is amusing to me)

And of course there is the list of searches involving “asses” of some sort:

watch asses
extra big
nice big
perfect huge asses (apparently “they” love big butts and they cannot lie)

January 3, 2006

Etch-A-Sketch fun

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I was indulging in my new found enjoyment of reading techy blogs and I came across something that I found amusing. You basically draw a sketch of what Flickr picture you are trying to find and ‘retrievr ‘ will search for it. It is a pretty crude search method and it is not exactly reliable but it is fun. Take a look.

December 31, 2005

It’s just so cool!

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The ability to play 6 CDs from a machine that fits in the palm of my hand – now that is just cool!! I bought an MP3 player this week and it arrived on Friday. (I’m very impressed with the order fulfillment speed of Future Shop btw) So today I spent some time filling it with tunes. I was originally looking for just a small radio to throw in my bag to be used on my walk home but my search quickly expanded to the land of the MP3 player. There are sooooooo many out there, so I did some research and found the Sandisk Sansa m230 MP3 Player. It had a radio which was a requirement for me and with a great deal at Future Shop it was under $100 which was also a requirement. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the whole playlist maintenance aspect so I didn’t want to make a huge investment in something I might not like. However, based on what I have seen so far I think I will be quite a fan of my new gadget. Wheee – I love new toys!!

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December 29, 2005

Oops – I got sidetracked

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I had fully intended to write a post about a book I am reading but I got sidetracked finding an appropriate new banner for my site. I went around my house taking photos of things that I thought would work but I wasn’t really that successful. The one that is there now is not exactly what I was looking for but it will have to do until I find something better. All that searching for appropriate photos, picture cropping and style sheet updating took up more of my evening than I thought it would and so now I am out of time. I guess the book post will have to be delivered tomorrow.

December 18, 2005

Okay peeps – prepare to be JEALOUS!!

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Intended for December 16, 2005
I didn’t write this yesterday because I got sidetracked and soon you will know why – keep reading and be prepared for your eyes to go green with envy.

I am now the very satisfied owner of the Logitech Z-5500 digital 5.1 surround sound speaker system . It is AWESOME!!!! I can’t explain how awesome it is – you just have to hear it. Having surround sound makes a huge difference but the sound quality of the speakers is also outstanding! And as icing on the cake, they are sexy – especially the Control Centre! A great design that looks really good in my space. I AM IN LOVE!!!!!

I’ve been waffling on buying it for a while because of the speaker placement issues that I have in my living room but there was a new Tiger Direct store opening in the west-end yesterday and they had great prices. Although, knowing what I know now about the quality I would have paid way more and still have been very satisfied. (In case anyone is in the market for some amazing speakers, this system was on sale at the store for $220 – about $70 less than their site.)

Jasmine (aka: my TV) is also quite pleased with the addition of her accessories. I think the speakers were actually a little closer to her this morning when I woke up than they were when I went to bed. Perhaps there was some bonding going on last night. Here is a pic of her and her new friends. Notice the big fella on the floor on the left?Jasmine and her friends

So, anybody want to come over to watch a movie?

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December 1, 2005

Almost a local

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Written November 26, 2005
Today Linda and I just strolled around town enjoying each other’s company. We went to Harrods to have a look. What a mad house that was. I strongly advise choosing a day other than Saturday to go to Harrods. It is huge and it was jam-packed with people. Linda and I tried on some sunglasses. They are so nice aren’t they? Linda and Gwen at Harrods
You should have seen the price tags – crazy expensive!

We met Nicolas and his friends at a pub tonight and while they were well ahead of Linda and I with the drinking, she and I still managed to get 4 pints down in a pretty short period of time. It was a great time – although I think Linda may have a different opinion of that. Heehee. It was a good way to spend a Saturday night in London. I felt almost like a local Londoner.

November 20, 2005

I am finally first!

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It has taken me over 100 days but I finally got to the top of the list. I did a search for my name on Google today and my site finally comes up first. I finally beat Mathew to the top. His site has been first in the Google search results since I started my blog – but no longer my friend, no longer. Wheee!

November 5, 2005

Hmmm…is it really better?

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I left the office early today so that I could pick up my high definition cable box. I was really quite excited to try it out but now that I have it I will admit that I am a little disappointed. The reason I am not 100% pleased is that the box that they were giving out in my building is not a new model and so it does not allow you to stretch the screen to fit a wide screen TV. However, the Rogers man told me that I can get the newer box and then I can get rid of the black bars on the side of my screen. I find the bars very annoying. So now I have to go through the hassle of contacting them to get a new one…sigh! I will tell you however that the HD channels are SUPERB!! It is quite amazing how clear and crisp they are. My TV is hap-hap-happy about that!!

October 17, 2005

Oh man, that was a long meeting!

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I have just returned from the longest condo meeting. 2.5 hours of listening to condo owners ask questions about things that really no one cares about but themselves. To get a feeling for what I just endured, picture yourself in a meeting with 50 of the most clueless people you know. Now imagine that you have not had any food in about 8 hours and imagine sitting there for 2. 5 hours on a folding chair that leaves a lot to be desired in the area of comfort. In the entire 2.5 hours there was really only one thing of note to report. My building is switching to digital cable – WHEEEEEEEEE! I am very excited about that. Free digital box with free HD. For those of you who don’t know, I have a flat panel LCD television. She is a beauty but she has been plagued by regular cable since she came to live with me. And now that she is going to be able to take full advantage of her attributes, she is sooooooooo happy. (Please don’t be alarmed – I realize it is a TV and not a person but anything as pretty as she is deserves to be discussed as though she was a real living thing.) So on November 4th I am going to race home, go pick up a Rogers installation fella from the building lounge and lead him to my condo where he will rectify the wrong that has been done to my beautiful baby. And then she and I will experience TV as it was meant to be experienced. Yeehaw!!

September 2, 2005

I’ve gone wireless

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Woohoo – no more modem cable. I’ve gone wireless. My wireless router arrived today and I just got it all installed and functional. Now I am sitting as far away from my cables as I could get. This is COOL!! I feel so free. And it was so easy to set up. I bought the WRT54G model from Linksys. (psst it is on sale at Tiger Direct) From unpacking to cable freedom, it took less than a half hour. WHEE!

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