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September 27, 2006

Howdy strangers

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Here I am.  Here I am.  Don’t give up on me…here I am.  Here I am trying to make up for another lapse in posts.  Let’s see, what was I up to in my last post….oh yeah I was looking forward to the weekend.  And it was worth looking forward to – I quite enjoyed it.

On Saturday I did nothing.  I was supposed to clean and do some grocery shopping but the option of napping and reading seemed far more interesting to me and so that is what I did.  I read, I napped and I had a day that was long over due.  It felt great to just rest!

On Sunday I got up and tackled the cleaning I was supposed to do on Saturday.  In 4 hours I was able to clean my kitchen, my bathroom, do some laundry, vacuum, mop the floors, dust and bake a torte.  Not bad for a Sunday morning.  After my domestic duties I drove to Mississauga to have dinner and to deliver the torte.  A very productive day but I was beat by bedtime.

Monday marked the beginning of another busy work week.  There seems to be a shadow of bad luck hanging over my team lately as we were once again plagued by a number of support issues.  After work I headed to the mall to do a little shopping and then headed home.

After surviving the day at the office on Tuesday I was able to get in some night driving practice.  I drove to Oakville and back.  Not only was it a longer practice session than I have been doing lately but it was also at night.  I don’t drive at night much so it was good experience for me.

And that brings us to today.  Today was another hectic day at the office.  My word of the day today was “stupidity” so that should give you an indication of how things are going.  But after a meal of salmon and steamed asparagus and an evening weight training session I have to say that I am feeling much better.

And that is pretty much what has been going on for the past few days.  Not that exciting I know but hey, that’s how life is sometimes.  Okay, okay, so maybe that is not all that has been going on.  Perhaps there are some other details of my daily routine that I haven’t shared.  Some of you may be wondering why the dedication I previously had to my daily posts is lacking lately.  Well part of the reason is that I don’t seem to be spending much time on my computer in the evenings anymore.  And when I am not at my computer I tend to forget about my blog. 

Soooooo, why am I not at my computer you ask?  Weeeeeell, that would be because I am spending a large chunk of my free time with a boy.   I absolutely enjoy spending time with him but I have not quite adjusted to the new addition in my routine and I guess my blog is feeling the neglect.  I will try to keep up a semi-regular schedule however because I do miss the daily writing sessions.  My blog gives me a creative outlet that I don’t find in many places.  So don’t despair, I may be a little more sporadic with my entries these days but I have not completely disappeared.

September 21, 2006

How could I have forgotten that??

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Tonight I met up with my friend Sarah for some dinner.  We hadn’t seen each other in far too long and it was great to get caught up.  During the course of our conversation the topic of my pending driving test came up.  After discussing how my practice was going I mentioned that it was great but that most of my driving has been in an automatic these days.  (Not that I am not grateful for the use of the automatic car – it is just that I will start to get rusty at driving standard if I don’t get some practice in.)  Well I don’t know how I could have forgotten this but Sarah drives a standard.  Aah!  How could I have overlooked that when I was looking for cars and friends to borrow? 

Being the lovely woman she is, Sarah offered to let me use her car to get some practice.  So next week I am off to take a spin around town in the family Volkswagen.  Whee!!

September 20, 2006

Nothing like friends to make you feel better

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Tonight a group of us were planning to go out to celebrate a birthday.  The birthday was actually on Monday but this was the first time we could get together with the birthday boy.  This afternoon I wasn’t feeling great and I was a little concerned that a night out might be a bad idea.  Well it turns out that there is really no better remedy for pending illness like a night out with friends.  It was great to get caught up and I actually feel better.  However, I must now get to bed because I have another night out with a friend planned for tomorrow night.  Whoa – that’s a lot of social activity for me!

Happy Belated Birthday Doug!!

September 18, 2006

I can’t go back but I can try and explain

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On Wednesday night last week I forgot to post an entry.  Since starting my blog I have felt quite bad about missing an entry and Wednesday was no exception.  But seeing as I was already in bed and almost asleep when I remembered, I figured I would just make up for the missing post on Thursday.

On Thursday I had a busy day at the office and in the evening I was unexpectedly not near my computer so I didn’t get a chance to make up for Wednesday’s post or to post anything for Thursday.  So that was two missed days.

On Friday, a plan to have a pint at Grace O’Malley’s turned into dinner and 4 pints.  There was live music to entertain us, good food and a great atmosphere.  It’s a pretty cool place.  It was an awesome evening but to be honest I was just too tipsy and tired to craft a post.  Oops, 3 missed posts.

On Saturday I got in some driving with a trip out to Oakville to do a little shopping.  It was a pretty relaxing day but I still seemed to be suffering from memory issues.  As I was falling asleep I again remembered that I had neglected my blog.  (I think I may have to seriously look into some memory exercises.)  Now I was missing 4 posts in a row.

When I woke up on Sunday I felt the need to get in a workout before starting the day.  Breakfast followed my arm and ab workout and then it was off to solve the issue of my missing bike seat.  Some of you might remember a post last year about a little incident involving the theft of my bike seat from the bike room at my building.  A couple of weeks ago, a trip to Canadian Tire resulted in a new seat and two bike posts (I wasn’t sure of the size I needed).  That was a huge step seeing as it has been over a year since my seat was stolen and I hadn’t replaced it yet.  Unfortunately however, neither post fit.  So I was still a gal without a bike.  On Sunday a trip to a local bike shop solved the issue though and I was soon cruising down the street on my bike with its new seat and repaired back tire.  (Turns out I had a broken spoke that needed to be fixed as well.)  After everything was sorted out, we headed out on a leisurely ride to enjoy the great weather.  An hour later we arrived at Ashbridge’s Bay.  After some lunch and a rest we headed back.  It was a great ride but I won’t lie to you – my quads were screaming by the time the trip was over and my ass still hurts.  All worth it though – it was a great day!!  I was so exhausted last night that I couldn’t possibly face crafting a post to make up for that previous 4 days.  And that would be 5 missing posts.

Monday turned out to be another busy day but tonight I was determined to pay some attention to my lonely blog.  I will try to continue my daily schedule of posts but I can’t guarantee that I won’t miss a day here and there.  I can say however that I will certainly try not to let myself lapse for almost a week.  Tsk tsk Gwenny – shame on you for neglecting your public.

September 10, 2006

Care for a spot of tea?

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MMMM...teaLast year for my Mom’s birthday I gave her a gift of time instead of a material gift.  My gift was to treat her to afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms.  My friend Sarah had told me that they offered a great tea service and so I thought that would be a great outing for my Mom.  Well it has taken over a year but finally we got our schedules to jive and today we spent a couple of hours enjoying some tea, scones, sandwiches and desserts.  It was all very posh and turned out to be a very enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

September 7, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to babysit I go

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Tonight I am babysitting for Sean and Tracy and as I will be getting home quite late I figured I would post now.  I offered to watch Anna whenever Sean and Tracy wanted a night to themselves and they have taken me up on the offer.  I am quite looking forward to it. 

It’s okay to wake babies up in the middle of the night to play with them right?  They don’t mind that do they?

September 4, 2006

It sure didn’t seem like labour

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Well the long weekend has come to an end and tomorrow it is back to the grind.  I had a great weekend though.  I didn’t do anything specific but I did spend time with people who are important to me and who can ask for more than that?  I visited with my family on Saturday and besides the stupid flat tire it was a great visit.  On Sunday I went to see Half Nelson which is a pretty heavy movie but well worth seeing.  The rest of Sunday was spent just hanging out.  Today was spent relaxing and finished with a trip to Mississauga for some more visiting.  It was a fantastic weekend!

August 26, 2006

A day of firsts

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Today I experienced my first…

…Rugby game

…Rugby game drinking shenanigans

…Stint as a designated driver

…Drive in rainy conditions

…Reverse navigation into a parking space between two parked cars

It was a great day all around!!

August 19, 2006


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For the first time in a long time I an enjoying a night at home.  My social calendar has been a little busier lately and I haven’t had many nights to just lounge about the house.  I am not complaining because I have been enjoying my more active social life but it feels really good to spend a night at home with nowhere to go.  Aaaaaaaaah!

I see your win and I raise you a win

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Tonight I spent the evening playing poker with some friends.  We get together every other month or so and play a couple of games.  I am never last but I have never won either.  I’ve placed as high as 2nd but normally I finish somewhere in the middle of the group. 

Well tonight was certainly a good night for me to be out.  I won 2 of the 3 games and I ended up taking home $140.  Not bad for a social night out with some buddies eh?  Now I finally understand what it feels like to be leaving Poker Night with extra money and it feels pretty damn good!  Now let me hear 3 cheers for Gwenny!

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