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May 7, 2008

I feel like a failure but my house is much cleaner

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So after months and months and months and months of talking about it, Jason and I finally found someone to clean our house.  Well actually we found two people.  Our new cleaners are a little Portuguese couple and they are coming every other Tuesday to clean for us.

There is a part of me that feels like a failure because I couldn’t figure out how to keep my own house clean but there is also a part of me that loved my house being cleaned while I was working.  We could have done better in the cleaning department but we opted to spend more quality time together and cleaning was just so far down on the list that it just didn’t get done as frequently as we would like.  So we caved and are paying someone else to do it.  The poor peeps had their work cut out for them yesterday as it was the first day and they didn’t get everything done but the house looks so much better.  They even cleaned the things I never do.  Things like the oven and the stove plates and the toaster oven and the toaster and a number of other things that just don’t make it on the list when I am making the house liveable. 

At this point we are thinking it was money extremely well spent!!

April 17, 2008

I need a watch with more hours.

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It is only Thursday and already my weekend is completely packed.  I normally look forward to the weekends to get some rest and relaxation but for some reason lately they just seem to be so busy that the work week seems like free time. 

Just to give you an example of what I am talking about, here are the current plans for just Saturday.


Wake up.

Take Regal for a walk.

Go to the gym.

Eat breakfast.

Go to Brampton to a sports store to look for new Rugby boots for Jason.

Go to the pet store to get dog treats for Regal.

Go to Home Depot to look at patio sets. (We have this old plastic one that the previous owners left behind when they stole the standard one that came with the units so we are looking for something that we may actually get some use of.  Sitting on those plastic chairs is like sitting on a hot stove when the sun has been shining on them.)

Go to Canadian Tire or Toys R Us or some such place to look for an outdoor game or activity for my niece and nephew for their birthday on Sunday.

Take Regal for another walk.

Eat lunch.

Clean the house.

Possibly fit in some time to play GHIII.

Pick up Linda at the airport.  Wahoooooooo!! She is coming for a visit!!

Drive her to Ajax. (Possibly have dinner with the family.)

Take Regal for her third walk.


And that is just Saturday.  On Sunday we have the gym again, dog walking, brunch in Ajax, making invitations, ironing, laundry and I’m sure there are other things to do that I am just not thinking about at the moment.

See why I look forward to 8 hours of sitting at my desk??  It’s not that I don’t enjoy these tasks (well some of them I don’t enjoy like the cleaning and ironing – but most I do) it just seems like there is always a long list of stuff that needs to be done – and there is never enough time.

April 11, 2008

Dear Blog…I miss you!

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Last night Jason was asking me if I had written anything on my blog lately and I said no.  He asked why not and my response was no time.  But maybe I should try to find some time as I do miss the creative outlet.  With being back at work and planning a wedding and owning a dog and going to the gym and having a house to clean, meals to make and laundry to do – I just don’t seem to have any time to do anything else.  I am sure that I have lost all of my loyal readers with my lack of posting lately but even if I am the only one left reading it, I hope to try and find some time to share my thoughts.  I have  lot of things going on at the moment so you would think I have a lot of things to say but to be honest the things that are not absolute must-dos are the first things to get dropped and unfortunately that is what has happened to my poor blog.

As I am looking at the familiar screen as I type I realize how much I used to enjoy adding a little note here every day before I went to sleep.  Even more than the outlet I miss the sharing and the connection with those people who faithfully followed my daily ramblings.  I am so sorry for deserting you.  I am so sorry for allowing mundane tasks like laundry to take me away from something I enjoy.

November 14, 2007

First day of school

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Tonight Regal attends her first puppy class.  We have been able to teach her some things since we got her and she is very well behaved some days but unfortunately she isn’t consistent and so Jason and I have decided to enroll her in puppy school.  Tonight is the first class and we are hoping that we will learn how to break some of her bad habits.  Overall she is doing well and getting better as she gets older but she still pulls on her leash and sometimes it is like talking to a wall – she just doesn’t listen…especially if there is something more interesting around to catch her attention. (ie. squirrel, pigeon, garbage, child and so many other things)

Hopefully she won’t embarrass us in class by being the naughtiest wee dog there. <insert hopeful look here>

November 5, 2007

Yo Gepetto…I’m finally a real driver

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I have just returned from taking my G2 exit road test and I am very happy and relieved to report that I PASSED!!!!!  Wheeeee!!!!  I’m a full G class driver!  No more tests for me! 

I was really nervous worrying about my parallel parking (which I haven’t done since my 2nd driving lesson) but it all worked out.  I arrived a little early and found a little side street and tried my parking and when I completed it in the first try with no issues, my confidence was boosted.  Then a wee visit to a parking lot for some parking attempts to get rid of my jitters and I was off to take the test.  The instructor checked out the car and then we were off.  A half hour later (and after one very successful parallel park I might add) I was on my way into the DriveTest office to claim my new G licence.  Woohoo!!!!!

September 5, 2007

G class – here I come

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I just booked my G2 exit road test for November 5th.  One more test and I am a full fledged G class driver.  Wheeeeeee!

August 21, 2007

Thank you stranger!!

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Last night Jason and I experienced gut-wrenching fear as we were walking our wee dog in the park.  She was playing with another dog and so we dropped her leash to avoid getting her all tangled up.  Things were fine until someone set off some fireworks.  Regal is really skittish around loud noises and before we could grab the end of her leash, she was off.  She may be a small dog with short legs but she can move!!  She was across the park and headed for the road and with every step she took my stomach tightened.  She doesn’t consistently respond to her name or the “come” command, especially when she is startled, so I knew she wouldn’t stop.  We ran after her and were fully expecting to hear the screech of tires on Queen Street as she darted across heading for home.  With tears running down my face and Jason trying to calm me down, we wandered the park yelling her name.  We were so afraid that she would get hit by a car as she has to cross two intersections between the park and our house.  We also knew that she was probably terrified now that she was off on her own without either of her people to calm her down.    We split up and headed for the street, calling for her as we went.  I exited the park at Crawford and headed towards Queen planning to ask people if they had seen a little dog flying down the street.  As I reached the street I saw a man approaching me walking a dog.  The street light hit the dog and I saw the brown ears and patch of brown on the ribs and I knew it was our Regal.  I called her name and she tugged so hard to get to me that the man dropped her leash and she lept into my arms.  I was so happy to see her!  The man had found her frozen in the middle of the Ossington/Queen intersection and he collected her.  Thankfully he was heading back to the park when I caught him.  He said that he has had a dog run away before and figured the park was where her owners were.  I am sure I looked quite the shock with tears all over my face and almost shaking in fear for our wee dog.  I was so happy I just wanted to hug him.   With Regal in my arms safe and sound I headed back into the park to find Jason and let him know that she was okay.   He jogged up to us in relief when he heard me yelling that she was okay and that I had her.

It is heart warming to know that there are people in the city that will take the time to try and help a little dog and try to return her to the people that have become quite attached to her.  She may drive us crazy sometimes but the 10 minutes she was missing were absolutely heart-breaking.  Tangled up or not – she will have to deal with being on her leash.  We do not need a repeat of last night.

Thank you again stranger!!  Thanks to you we only had 10 minutes of fear instead of having to say goodbye to Regal forever.

July 9, 2007

Yikes…has it really been a month since my last post??

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Holy smokes – I can’t believe a month has passed since my last post.  I was still working in June so I have some sort of an excuse I guess but that still doesn’t make it okay.  Oh how could I have neglected my poor blog so long??  Now that I am done work and have started my summer of leisure I plan to spend more time writing.  I only have the puppy to talk to most of the day so I will need some sort of outlet for my thoughts.  I have no issue with talking to myself but she doesn’t always seem to find my topics that riveting.  I am not sure if I should be insulted by the fact that I can’t compete with a good scratch for her attention.  I’m not sure what that says about my conversational skills.

In the past month work has been the priority but I was able to hire a personal trainer (I really need to get back in the gym and this is one way to motivate myself), pay off my final student loan (woohoo – debt free!!), find a tenant for my condo, take the dog to her first two vet appointments (one for shots, the other for an ear infection that the poor wee gal had (damn those floppy ears and the bad owners that weren’t cleaning them well enough)), celebrate the one year anniversary of when Jason and I had our first date (July 1st for those that don’t remember), and take some much needed afternoon naps. 

As of July 1st, I am a free agent and I am looking forward to enjoying the next two months of doing whatever I want (as long as I am around to take Regal out to pee every few hours).    So far I am still in the ‘I don’t feel like doing anything but lazing about the house’ phase but I am sure the ‘I need to get out and do some stuff and be productive’ phase will kick in soon.

June 11, 2007

Our new baby girl

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Let the “awwwwwing” begin.  She is cute, cute, cute!!!!

This is Regal.  She is our baby lemon beagle.  We picked her up 2 weeks ago and she has been keeping us busy ever since.  After the first couple of nights of getting up 4 or 5 times to let her pee we were thinking that it was a damn good thing she is so cute or else it may not have been so bearable.  We have settled into a routine however and she is only getting up once a night now.  In fact yesterday she slept through the whole night.  Wheeee.  She does tend to be up at 6, ready to start her day though which isn’t a big deal during the week but does suck on the weekends.  Oh well, the cost of adding a dog to your life.

May 25, 2007

Don’t play by the rules people, you’ll just get screwed!

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Today was the day I was supposed to hand over the keys and be done with the whole condo thing.  I should have figured that anything I try to do couldn’t possibly go that smoothly and karma did not let me down.  Once again it found a way to screw me. 

My condo corp has a weight limit for dogs.  The guys I was going to rent to have a bulldog so in my mind I was picturing a small dog so didn’t really give it much thought.  I was pretty sure my condo documentation said that the limit was 40 or 45 lbs.  Today the guys arrived and the dog was a bigger bulldog breed than I was expecting but still about only 30 lbs.  As it turns out however, the limit is 25lbs and the property manager won’t let the dog in the building. 

I know for a fact that there are larger dogs in that building but they probably never bothered to tell the condo corp about the dog so they get away with it.  That’s what I should have done but no, I tried to play by the rules.  And where does that get me??  It gets me a bill for a hotel room as the guys have nowhere to go and I am responsible so I offered to put them up until they can find somewhere to go.  It gets me the stress and inconvenience of trying to find new tenants.  It gets me mortgage and condo fees to pay on a place that is sitting empty.  Oh yeah – playing by the rules was a great way to go.  Once again karma found me bent over and decided to take advantage.

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