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August 2, 2011

Good-bye Condo

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Today I say a final farewell to my condo. I bought my condo the day before I turned 27 (almost 10 years ago now – ack!) and spent many a night there in awe that I, a young lass from the sticks, owned my own place in the big city. It was a great home and I have so many great memories of the time I spent there. It has been rented now for the past 4 years but each time I have visited to meet with the tenants I was reminded of how much fun I had living there. And now it belongs to someone else. Selling was the right decision but there is a part of me that is a little sad that it is gone. I am enjoying my new home but I will miss my first home.

Good-bye condo – we had some great times together and I will always remember you fondly. I hope your new owner takes good care of you.

February 27, 2010

Just shut it already!

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We may share your queen but we don’t share your opinions.

Hey British media – you claim that Canadians aren’t being polite enough when they are kicking ass at the Olympics.

Well I have only one thing to say…


February 13, 2010

Creative Licence Revoked!

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At a baseball game? No problem. At a hockey game? Ok, sure. At a football game? Fine.

At the Olympics? Absolutely not!!!!

If you know me, you know I am a HUGE fan of the Olympics. And if you work with me you will know I am often late for work when events are on in the morning. So last night I excitedly tuned in to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I am not usually a fan of the opening ceremonies but as these games are in our native land I was excited to watch.

Unfortunately from the first note of the national anthem I knew I was not going to be pleased. If you want to come up with some cool creative things as part of the show go ahead but I think rewriting the melody of the national anthem is going too far. It was terrible! It barely even resembled the national anthem at many parts. What were they thinking???

When our athletes are standing at the top of the podium, I really hope the planning team for Vancouver 2010 has a copy of the proper national anthem. Come on people – it’s our fricking anthem – it shouldn’t be turned into a bad pop ballad!

September 23, 2009

Is this really our future?

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4 teenage boys rape a woman in an apartment stairwell.

A 15 year old girl robs a bank.

These are just two of the disturbing news headlines I have seen in the past couple of days and I am scared. I am scared that this is our future. Where has the world gone wrong? Where are the parents? And really are adults any better? Who is teaching our children (and let’s be honest these are CHILDREN) right from wrong? And do some adults even know the difference themselves?

Is this really who we want to be? Is this really what we want our future to be? And even if we admit it is a problem, do we know the solution?

September 1, 2009

A sure sign fall is here

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This morning as I waited in line at Starbucks to pick up my morning non-fat latte I was surprised to see that the Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins are back. I was elated because I think these muffins are damn tasty but was honestly surprised that fall is already here. Where has the time gone??

I should have noticed the approach of fall as I am also fighting an urge to go by new office supplies which is another sure sign that fall has arrived. Oh how I miss the newness of that first day of school. The smell of new binders, fresh pens and pencils and the feeling of brand new clothes that have been waiting to be paraded out on that first day.

So let’s all raise our warm drinks to cool mornings and warm afternoons, coloured leaves and brisk breezes. Here’s to you Fall – welcome back!

Oh and Hello Blog – sorry I have been gone so long. I’ll try to explain my absence in an upcoming post.

October 8, 2008

But dogs aren’t sick

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I’ve been at home for the past two days trying to get rid of a nasty cold that I have picked up. (Jason gave it to me actually but he feels really bad that he did so I can’t be that mad.) My nose is turning a nice shade of red, my throat is nice and swollen and scratchy and I sound like a middle-aged man when I speak. Now, there is nothing wrong with middle-aged men but I am not one and don’t really like sounding like one.

It’s my last week of work and two weeks before I walk down the aisle and I am sick….very very sick! I better not lose my tastebuds on the weekend because it is pumpkin pie time and I intend to enjoy it!

So I was thinking….where does the saying “Sick as a dog” come from? Are dogs known for being sickly? I’ve seen Regal throw up and then start jumping around again like nothing happened so perhaps being as “sick as a dog” would be a good thing.

September 10, 2008

You know you are getting older when…

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….you change radio stations.

For the longest time I have been a listener of CHUM FM and a little Mix 99.9. Lately I have noticed that the music on these stations (not to mention the banter) just bores me. So I have been spending more of my time on Jason’s side of the car pre-sets and listening to Classic Rock 107.1 and Jack FM. I think it is a definite sign of my increasing age when I no longer get the music of the kids of today.

….now I’m off to sit in my rocking chair on my front porch so I can keep an eye on those hooligan young’ins in the neighbourhood.

May 28, 2008

Tax dollars hard a work…NOT!

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I am so tired of calls for inquests and commissions and inquiries and investigations into alleged behaviour from this political party and that political party.  What the hell is the government (the one in “power” or any of the opposition) actually doing to govern????  All their time and our money is spent trying to figure out which party has the most skeletons in the closet.  Who the hell cares?????  If they spent a fraction of the money they spend investigating each other on oh I don’t know maybe the environment, trade, social programs or any other area that actually helps Canadians we would be in great shape. 

It is just so sad that this is the time we live in.  A time where “leaders” are more interested in exposing the short comings of others than they are in actually leading.  Each one is just as flawed as the next – can’t they just agree on that and move on to actually doing something to help the people who pay their salaries???  

Stop spending my money to cover your ass!  Stop spending my money to pay for investigations into every little alleged wrong-doing!  Start spending my money on making my country better!  Dumbasses!!

May 20, 2008

Long weekend catch-up

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Saturday – Took a long walk with dog, ran errands, errands, errands, errands and more errands.

Sunday – Slept in, had breakfast with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin, did laundry (well actually Jason did most of the laundry), watched a movie (at home) and caught up on tv.

Monday – Took a short walk with the dog, ate breakfast, headed to Terra Cotta for a hike with the dog, went to Mississauga to plant some plants we gave Jason’s mom for Mother’s Day, did more laundry (again – mostly Jason), made a great dinner and did some reading.

 The weather was shite but we enjoyed the weekend regardless.  Sometimes it is nice to be trapped in the house.

May 13, 2008

If you can see out, I can see in!

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Last night on my way home from work I was stopped at red lights for 5 blocks one after another.  Each time I looked in my rear-view mirror I saw the same man doing some serious mining for boogers.  He was really digging up in there – it actually looked a little painful. 

Now he was trying to turn himself a little to the left to block the view from the cars parked on his right but did he not realize that I could quite plainly see him each time I glanced up?  Did he care??  He was also doing a lot of wiping on his pants with that finger so I’m very sorry for the person who will be doing his laundry.

I find it hilarious the things that people do in their cars when they think they are alone.  They do realize that the car has windows right??  I guess I have to admit that I can often be seen signing up a storm as I drive about but that is probably just amusing to my fellow commuters.  But nose picking?  Come on people, I don’t need to be treated to visions of your finger shoved up your nose every time I check my mirrors.

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