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September 2, 2014

A New Phase Begins

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Tomorrow I will be taking Pearl to her first day of school.  I can’t believe my wee gal will be going to school already.  Is she ready?  Yes.  Am I ready?  I’m not sure.  I know that this next phase is inevitable –  I am not going to tackle home schooling so my kids will have to go school but I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.  Pearl and I have a relationship that is sometimes filled with sweet memories and sometimes filled with frustration and tears.  She is a strong willed, stubborn, intelligent, independent child and she challenges me everyday.  Sometimes I rise to the occasion – sometimes I don’t.  I think school will be good for both of us.  I also know that I will miss her terribly.

For almost 4 years, Pearl has been my side-kick.  I have been home with her since she was born.  I saw her first steps, I heard her first words.  I was there when she learned new things and saw the joy on her face as she realized what she was capable of doing.  And now someone else will get to see these things.  It makes me sad to think that she will be discovering new things and I will learn about it second hand when she gets home from school.  Intellectually I understand this is necessary for her to grow and mature, but my heart kinda hurts to think I will miss so much.

I am excited to be able to spend more quality time with Miles though as he has never experienced being an only child.  He has always had to share me and I think it will be great to focus on just the two of us for a change.  But he will miss Pearl a whole lot.  They are best buddies (even when they are driving each other crazy) and they love to be together.  I think it will be an adjustment for them both to be apart for most of the day.  Pearl is the boss though and Miles may enjoy being able to make his own rules and play his own games. 🙂

So as I prepare Pearl for her first day I am filled with mixed emotions.  I know I am not alone in this.  I know parents everywhere have the same thoughts.  But that won’t make the tears any slower tomorrow morning when I walk away from the school without my girl Pearl.  I’ll miss you Kiddo!  I can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures.

June 27, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Miles

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Happy Birthday Buddy!

Wow!  I can’t believe you are 2.  Well actually some days it feels more like 10 years since we met you.

As you get older we get to see more of your personality and you are a truly special boy.  You  are funny and goofy and cuddly and kind.  You are usually easy going but seem to be adopting some high drama persona from big sister Pearl.

You love your big sister completely and try your best to play by all her rules and you will give up any toy you have to make her stop crying.  While this is very sweet of you, I believe that Pearl has realised she has you wrapped around her finger and uses this to her advantage.

The last 2 years have been filled with special moments but we have also had a lot of struggles – mostly brought on by my fatigue.  You are a snuggly kid who still needs to cuddle with Momma to be able to sleep.  Although you have at least transitioned to spending part of each night alone in your own bed.  I slept sitting up for a solid 16 months while holding you so this is a huge improvement.

Your smile lights up every room and you are not shy about flashing your dimples at any audience you can find.  It’s not hard to find people to charm however as you and Pearl draw a crowd wherever we go.

Not all our time together is fun and easy but it is rewarding.  Watching you learn new things, listening to your vocabulary grow (thanks to your chatty big sister pal) and helping you become more independent is a gift.  I may not always look like I know that, but I do know how truly blessed to have you as my son.  Even at my worst moments looking into your big sparkly eyes brings a smile to my face.

Happy 2nd Birthday Miles.

Who loves Miles?  Momma does!


August 11, 2013

Farewell Regal Beagle

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Dear Regal,

In the wee hours of Saturday morning you left us. You were curled up next to me where you have always slept and I can only hope that it brought you some comfort in your final hours. To say we will miss you doesn’t even begin to express what we are feeling right now.

After your amazing recovery from a terminal cancer diagnosis in May we were feeling optimistic about having you around for a long time. Unfortunately nature had another plan and you developed some sort of inflammation on your brain this past week that you just couldn’t beat. You surprised the doctors with your results from the cancer medicine and you shocked them again on Saturday – unfortunately not in our favour this time. The inflammation wasn’t supposed to be fatal – I guess they got it wrong.

From the moment you snuggled your little nose in my neck and clung to my shirt when we picked you up at 8 weeks old, you have been my dog. You were loved by us all, but you and I had a special bond. You were never very far from me and I feel that absence now.  You have been such a presence in our lives and for a wee dog you have left a huge hole. There are so many things in the day that just don’t seem right without you here.

You were frustrating and a challenge sometimes but also the sweetest, gentlest, goofiest, kindest dog anyone could ever ask for. Your patience with the kids was remarkable and it hurts my heart to think they are too young to really remember how wonderful you were and how much they loved you.

I am devastated that you are gone but I am thankful that you are no longer suffering.  It was so hard to see you struggling to just walk around the house this past week. 

You were a great friend that didn’t deserve the hand you were dealt. I can’t believe you are gone.  Six years wasn’t long enough to love you. 

You will always have a place in my heart Regal Beagle.

August 9, 2012

Letting Go

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Today my big girl went off to daycare for the first time in her 21 months. She isn’t going to go all the time but we have some free days we can use and we figured it would be good for her to have the exposure and good for me to get a break and allow me to focus on Miles. As I said goodbye this morning I was filled with feelings of apprehension as she has never spent the day with strangers before. In fact she has spent very few days away from me in her life. I have peeked in on her on the daycare camera and she seems to be doing fine but I wonder what she is feeling as she goes through her day without people she knows. I suspect the day was harder on me than on her however as she seems quite eager to interact with new people.

How odd it feels to be without her today. It is strange how quickly you adjust to having two children and how empty the house seems when one is not around. Miles however is probably enjoying the day as he gets to sleep uninterrupted on Momma all day – just how he likes it.

I know that Pearl benefits from new experiences and will most likely have a blast today but it is definitely stressful for me to let her go out in the world alone. Momma misses you Kiddo!

June 19, 2012

Letter to AP

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Dear AP (aka Another Patchett)

Your big sister was called BP (Baby Patchett) before she came out and met the world and we needed something to call you too – so you became AP.

You are scheduled to arrive in one week and I have to say I am getting very impatient for you to come out and meet the world. I know you have probably felt a little neglected as you baked up in Momma’s belly because most of my time was spent trying to take care of your big sister. But that doesn’t mean I am not looking forward to meeting you or holding you and snuggling you close. As much as I will love being able to look into your eyes and see you start to recognize the world around you, I will miss our special time together. For the past nine months you have been all mine and although my body is more than ready to move past pregnancy – a part of me will miss feeling you roll around inside. (Although I won’t miss the early morning acrobatics that you seem to enjoy)

So Little One, as I count down the days until I get to hold you, I am filled with wonder at whether you are a girl or boy, what you will look like, will you be like your big sister or completely different and a million other thoughts about who you will become. My biggest hope is that you are healthy and that Momma’s stress over the past months has not been too rough on you.

See you soon Little One!


November 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Kiddo!!

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Dear Pearl,

Today is your 1st birthday. Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Wow! A whole year! The past year has been both the shortest and the longest year of my life. I am amazed at how much has changed in the past year. I am amazed at how much you have changed and how much you have changed me. I clearly remember the awe I felt a year ago today when I looked into those big eyes of yours and realized that I was a mother. There was and still is a part of me that is also terrified that I am a mother. I try every day to be the mother you deserve but there are some days I know I fail. There are some days I know I can be better but fatigue and frustration win out and we both suffer. But even on our worst days you can brighten the day with just one smile or one hug. Such power for such a small girl!

The past year has been filled with new experiences for both of us and it has been amazing to watch you discover the world and learn how to do new things. You are an amazing child with a sunny attitude (well most of the time – we won’t discuss the temper tantrums now but believe me – we will discuss them!) and a kind smile for everyone you meet. You are kind and sweet and spend a lot of your time giving me, Daddy, the doggie and all of your toys and books kisses. You are also stubborn and determined (yeah – I get it – just like Momma) which causes some conflict now but I try to remind myself that it will serve you well when you are older and life throws tough things at you.

Watching you become you has been the most rewarding and awe-inspiring experience of my life and I look forward to what you are going to teach me next.

Happy 1st Birthday kiddo. It has been a heck of a year!

Who loves Pearl? That’s right – Momma!!

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