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October 8, 2008

But dogs aren’t sick

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I’ve been at home for the past two days trying to get rid of a nasty cold that I have picked up. (Jason gave it to me actually but he feels really bad that he did so I can’t be that mad.) My nose is turning a nice shade of red, my throat is nice and swollen and scratchy and I sound like a middle-aged man when I speak. Now, there is nothing wrong with middle-aged men but I am not one and don’t really like sounding like one.

It’s my last week of work and two weeks before I walk down the aisle and I am sick….very very sick! I better not lose my tastebuds on the weekend because it is pumpkin pie time and I intend to enjoy it!

So I was thinking….where does the saying “Sick as a dog” come from? Are dogs known for being sickly? I’ve seen Regal throw up and then start jumping around again like nothing happened so perhaps being as “sick as a dog” would be a good thing.

August 7, 2007

Definitely worth the cost…

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I’ve now had 4 sessions with my personal trainer and it is going quite well.  The workouts are TOUGH though.  Her routines are much harder than what I was doing before and I’m learning some new exercises and she gives me lots of variety to keep it interesting.  So far I am definitely getting value for my money.  I am also getting into the gym more often so that is another added benefit.

July 17, 2007

Session 2 with personal trainer complete

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Today I met my personal trainer to go through our second session.  I ran through the first list of stuff myself once last week after we met and today we mixed it up a bit and made some things a bit harder.  Well actually some things we made a LOT harder.  My muscles were screaming, my face looked like a tomato and there was a point where I just wanted to cry but even with all that it felt great to get through it.  So far, I am liking this new program.  It keeps me interested and I am definitely working harder than I was when I was following my old program.  I think the cost was more than worth it!

February 20, 2007


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I arrived at the office at 7:40AM this morning.  And why was I in so early??  Well that would be because the gym didn’t open again this morning. GRRRRRRRR!  It is hard enough to find the dedication and energy to get my ass out of bed at 5:48AM (we have moved the time back again – not that it matters when the gym doesn’t open on time) every morning.  To then get to the gym and not be able to work out is just infuriating!! 

I called the owner this morning and woke him up to let him know that perhaps he should go over and open the gym himself as his staff apparently couldn’t figure out how to get there on time.  In the past 6 days, the gym hasn’t opened 3 days – that is half the time.  DUMBASSES!!!!!

February 17, 2007

Two in one day…could be a problem

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On Friday we again waited outside for 20 minutes and no one showed up to open the gym.  Once I got home I wrote the owner of the gym an email outlining my irritation.  It prompted both a call from the guy who didn’t show up and an email from the owner.  Some assurances and 10 weeks of free gym membership later, my faith in my new gym has been restored.  To make up for the missed days, we did both a weight and a cardio workout this morning.  2 hours at the gym on a Saturday morning…fun fun!  I feel good now actually but I’m anticipating that tomorrow may bring with it some tight muscles. 

There better be no interruptions in service next week.  I now have the owner’s number at home and if I have to wake him up to come over and open up, well too bad for him!

February 15, 2007

You have got to be kidding!!!

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We get up.  We get dressed.  We drag our asses down the street in arctic temperatures.  We arrive at the gym.  The door is locked.  Maybe he is just running a little late, we think.  It has happened before.  We wait.  We wait some more.  We wait 20 minutes and then go home.

GRRRRRRRR!!!!  The guy didn’t show up to open the gym this morning.  Yesterday morning when there was snow everywhere, the woman was there.  But this morning, no one!!  Soooooo irritating!!

February 7, 2007

As promised

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Last night, Jason and I went out with Craig and Petula to beerbistro to enjoy a Winterlicious bargain.  Some exotic beer, some yummy food and some great company made for a very fun evening.  Petula was a little curious as to how I would feel this morning getting up at 5:50 to go to the gym after a few pints and so I promised a full report via my blog today.  Well, I was out of bed and at the gym at my regular time and was able to complete my regular 50 minutes of cardio.  I will say that I am a wee bit tired now but this morning wasn’t too bad.  Tonight I am headed back to the gym with Eva so she can try out my gym so I will actually get a second cardio session in today.  Woohoo – look at me go!

February 5, 2007

Weekly routine…well at least it is getting to be a routine

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Given that I have re-energized my interest in my health and that I am talking about it here, I figured I would share my new weekly routine.  Perhaps by writing it done, I will be more likely to keep following it.

Monday – Cardio (ie. a date with Tready that lasts 50 minutes)

Tuesday – Weight Training (I do arms, legs and abs every other day.  I am going for tone not bulk so my weight is lower and I have higher reps.  I’m at 8lbs for arms and 50 for legs – 2 sets of 15 for each muscle group.)

Wednesday – Cardio (me and Tready again)

Thursday – Weight Training

Friday – Cardio (yup, me and Tready – aka: my other steady boyfriend)

Saturday – Weight Training

Sunday – rest!

In two weeks I have increased the intensity of my cardio days and have been able to go from 5lbs to 8lbs in my arm workout and have added the legs.  Not bad for the first two weeks.  My body has also adjusted to the early mornings and getting up at 5:50AM doesn’t seem to be that hard anymore.  (well at least not until Friday – that last day still feels REALLY early!)  My muscles do still hurt something fierce but at least it is for a good cause and I know the pain will eventually go away.

January 26, 2007


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I just completed Day 5 of 6 of my first week back at the gym.  It was a really good cardio session actually but man I am tired and sore.  My quads are protesting my every step and I am soooo tired.  I can’t wait until I am back into the routine and my body stops aching.  I also can’t wait until the weather warms up because I can tell you that going outside at 6AM in the freezing cold is no way to wake up every morning…no way at all!!

January 23, 2007

Oh man, that’s going to hurt in the morning

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Open scene.

Clock turns to 5:55AM.  Alarm rings.
Gwen:  “Groan”
Jason: “I guess we could always go to the gym tonight”
Gwen: “Groan”
Jason: “Do you want to sleep or get up?”
Gwen: “What I want is to wake up thin and fit”
Jason: “But just think of how great it will feel when you accomplish your goals.”
Gwen (rolling out of bed onto her feet):  “Whatever!  That’s bullshit!  That’s just what thin and fit people say to make you feel better about having to drag your ass to the gym at 6AM.”
End scene

As you can see, Jason is in for a real treat in the “waking up Gwen” department.  He does tend to find my early morning grumbling amusing though so I guess that is a good sign.  

I have now successfully gone to the gym two days in a row.  I realize that doesn’t sound like much but seeing as it has been months since I’ve been, it is an accomplishment.  Today was weight day and I realized how soft my muscles have become.  My muscles are already protesting so I am anticipating some serious stiffness tomorrow morning when I roll out of bed at 5:55AM to hit the gym for my next cardio routine. Even with feeling tired and sore though – I am quite pleased that I am getting back into the gym.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it and once I get past the sore muscle and fatigue stages, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more.

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