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June 27, 2016

Miles is changing his number

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Happy 4th Birthday Miles.  Today you change your number.  It has been a sad week for you as you have struggled to let go of being 3.  You have come to me in tears a number of times this past week because you were going to miss being 3 and that you wouldn’t remember being 3.  I promised you that I will remember and I will.

You are a special boy who can make us laugh or make us crazy.  You are a ball of energy with no off switch.  You love anything with an engine, you make constant sound effects, and you are incredibly funny, loving and sweet.  You have an amazing imagination and put it to good use every day.  You have had an imaginary friend named Poe for about a year now.  Before going to bed tonight you started crying because Poe was going to play with your toys.  When I told you to tell him not to you, you responded that Poe never listens to you.  In support of your sister getting glasses this year you have also been wearing imaginary yellow glasses for months now.  These are just a few examples of your imagination at work.  You can find fun in just about any situation.  This is a skill that I hope you hold on to.

I would be lying if I said 3 was all sunny moments.  It wasn’t,  (terrible twos have nothing on the terrifying threes) but it was a year filled with discovery and love and laughs and memories.  This year you will start school and a whole new world will open up for you.  (I can’t talk about that just yet though cause I will miss you a lot.) It is amazing to watch you changing and learning new things.

Happy Birthday Buddy.  Welcome to your new number.


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