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June 27, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Miles

Filed under: Parenting Points — by Gwen Resmer Patchett @ 8:27 pm

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Wow!  I can’t believe you are 2.  Well actually some days it feels more like 10 years since we met you.

As you get older we get to see more of your personality and you are a truly special boy.  You  are funny and goofy and cuddly and kind.  You are usually easy going but seem to be adopting some high drama persona from big sister Pearl.

You love your big sister completely and try your best to play by all her rules and you will give up any toy you have to make her stop crying.  While this is very sweet of you, I believe that Pearl has realised she has you wrapped around her finger and uses this to her advantage.

The last 2 years have been filled with special moments but we have also had a lot of struggles – mostly brought on by my fatigue.  You are a snuggly kid who still needs to cuddle with Momma to be able to sleep.  Although you have at least transitioned to spending part of each night alone in your own bed.  I slept sitting up for a solid 16 months while holding you so this is a huge improvement.

Your smile lights up every room and you are not shy about flashing your dimples at any audience you can find.  It’s not hard to find people to charm however as you and Pearl draw a crowd wherever we go.

Not all our time together is fun and easy but it is rewarding.  Watching you learn new things, listening to your vocabulary grow (thanks to your chatty big sister pal) and helping you become more independent is a gift.  I may not always look like I know that, but I do know how truly blessed to have you as my son.  Even at my worst moments looking into your big sparkly eyes brings a smile to my face.

Happy 2nd Birthday Miles.

Who loves Miles?  Momma does!


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