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June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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Dear Miles

Today you turn 1. It has been a rewarding but difficult year for all of us and I can’t really believe you are 1 already. You are almost walking and although you are not talking yet (except to say banana) you are certainly very capable of communicating your point. Especially if there is something you want to eat. 🙂

While I have struggled to adjust to having two kids you have done your best to make it easy for me. At least during the day. You have never slept in your crib and still sleep on me most nights which certainly doesn’t leave me feeling very restful. Please start sleeping in your own bed – things would be easier with more sleep.

You have a laid back personality and when you smile your entire face lights up and lights up the face of everyone around you. You adore your big sister and it warms my heart to watch you two laugh and play together.

I know you have had to cope with more of Momma’s frustration than you should but I promise I will try to do better – if you promise to start letting me sleep.

It has been a special year and I look forward to the next one when you start talking and walking. Things are gonna be crazy! 🙂

Happy Birthday Buddy! Who loves Miles? Momma does!

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