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August 9, 2012

Letting Go

Filed under: Parenting Points — by Gwen Resmer Patchett @ 12:45 pm

Today my big girl went off to daycare for the first time in her 21 months. She isn’t going to go all the time but we have some free days we can use and we figured it would be good for her to have the exposure and good for me to get a break and allow me to focus on Miles. As I said goodbye this morning I was filled with feelings of apprehension as she has never spent the day with strangers before. In fact she has spent very few days away from me in her life. I have peeked in on her on the daycare camera and she seems to be doing fine but I wonder what she is feeling as she goes through her day without people she knows. I suspect the day was harder on me than on her however as she seems quite eager to interact with new people.

How odd it feels to be without her today. It is strange how quickly you adjust to having two children and how empty the house seems when one is not around. Miles however is probably enjoying the day as he gets to sleep uninterrupted on Momma all day – just how he likes it.

I know that Pearl benefits from new experiences and will most likely have a blast today but it is definitely stressful for me to let her go out in the world alone. Momma misses you Kiddo!

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