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June 19, 2012

Letter to AP

Filed under: Parenting Points — by Gwen Resmer Patchett @ 10:25 am

Dear AP (aka Another Patchett)

Your big sister was called BP (Baby Patchett) before she came out and met the world and we needed something to call you too – so you became AP.

You are scheduled to arrive in one week and I have to say I am getting very impatient for you to come out and meet the world. I know you have probably felt a little neglected as you baked up in Momma’s belly because most of my time was spent trying to take care of your big sister. But that doesn’t mean I am not looking forward to meeting you or holding you and snuggling you close. As much as I will love being able to look into your eyes and see you start to recognize the world around you, I will miss our special time together. For the past nine months you have been all mine and although my body is more than ready to move past pregnancy – a part of me will miss feeling you roll around inside. (Although I won’t miss the early morning acrobatics that you seem to enjoy)

So Little One, as I count down the days until I get to hold you, I am filled with wonder at whether you are a girl or boy, what you will look like, will you be like your big sister or completely different and a million other thoughts about who you will become. My biggest hope is that you are healthy and that Momma’s stress over the past months has not been too rough on you.

See you soon Little One!


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