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February 13, 2010

Creative Licence Revoked!

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At a baseball game? No problem. At a hockey game? Ok, sure. At a football game? Fine.

At the Olympics? Absolutely not!!!!

If you know me, you know I am a HUGE fan of the Olympics. And if you work with me you will know I am often late for work when events are on in the morning. So last night I excitedly tuned in to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I am not usually a fan of the opening ceremonies but as these games are in our native land I was excited to watch.

Unfortunately from the first note of the national anthem I knew I was not going to be pleased. If you want to come up with some cool creative things as part of the show go ahead but I think rewriting the melody of the national anthem is going too far. It was terrible! It barely even resembled the national anthem at many parts. What were they thinking???

When our athletes are standing at the top of the podium, I really hope the planning team for Vancouver 2010 has a copy of the proper national anthem. Come on people – it’s our fricking anthem – it shouldn’t be turned into a bad pop ballad!

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