Plagued By Dumbasses

July 31, 2008

7 Minutes in Heaven

Filed under: Traffic Trials — by gresmer @ 10:41 am

Well not exactly.  Perhaps I should have just returned home and crawled into a closet but nope – I still had to get to work.

Picture this….

You leave your house and head down the side streets heading to Dufferin to avoid the rush hour traffic just as you do every morning.  As you approach Dufferin you see a big rig with a trailer come barrelling around the corner at speeds that even a car would have a problem turning at.  The big rig is in your lane.  You are on a head-on collision path with a big rig that is still travelling way too fast as it makes the right hand turn.  You slam on your brakes.  The truck is still coming….FAST!  You slam the car in reverse and stomp on the gas pedal.  The big rig swings across the lane in front of you – narrowly (and I mean narrowly) missing the left corner of your front bumper.  You look up at the driver as he and his truck squeeze by you on the left and to your utter disbelief he doesn’t even acknowledge that you are there or that he could have killed you had you not reacted.  You take a couple of deep breaths, swear under your breath a couple of times, thank the powers that be that no one was behind you and continue on your way to work, thankful that you are still alive.

Fast forward about 4 minutes.  You are lined up to get on the Gardiner.  The guy to the right of you (who is in a right turn only lane) decides to merge left.  Okay fine – this surprisingly happens all the time so you tap your brakes to make room and save the right side of your front bumper.  You continue across the intersection and enter the ramp.  You see a flash of a car to your left that seems extremely close to the side of your car.  You realize that the driver of the car to your left has decided that the ramp is going to be two lanes this morning.  You honk and motion to his passenger that this is not in fact a two-lane ramp.  She looks blankly at you completely oblivious to what your problem could possibly be and the driver continues to push his way onto the ramp almost clipping his mirror against yours in his idiocy.  You swerve to the right and hit the gas to escape the lunacy.   You look down at the clock and realize you have only been on the road for 7 minutes and make the sad realization that it is going to be one of those days!

Welcome to my world!!  Come on, everyone say it with me…..DUMBASSES!!!!!!

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