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May 7, 2008

I feel like a failure but my house is much cleaner

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So after months and months and months and months of talking about it, Jason and I finally found someone to clean our house.  Well actually we found two people.  Our new cleaners are a little Portuguese couple and they are coming every other Tuesday to clean for us.

There is a part of me that feels like a failure because I couldn’t figure out how to keep my own house clean but there is also a part of me that loved my house being cleaned while I was working.  We could have done better in the cleaning department but we opted to spend more quality time together and cleaning was just so far down on the list that it just didn’t get done as frequently as we would like.  So we caved and are paying someone else to do it.  The poor peeps had their work cut out for them yesterday as it was the first day and they didn’t get everything done but the house looks so much better.  They even cleaned the things I never do.  Things like the oven and the stove plates and the toaster oven and the toaster and a number of other things that just don’t make it on the list when I am making the house liveable. 

At this point we are thinking it was money extremely well spent!!

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