Plagued By Dumbasses

February 28, 2008

Thank goodness for mirrors!

Filed under: Traffic Trials — by gresmer @ 3:41 pm

I thought I had pretty much seen it all on the highways by this point but this morning I experienced a whole other brand of inconsiderate behaviour.  As I was just passing the Kipling exit going west to the 427 ramp, I noticed a fire truck coming down the Kipling west-bound ramp so I quickly moved to the right shoulder and stopped to let him pass.  As I was about to pull back into my lane, a car came flying by me on the left.  The driver was recklessly using the passing fire truck to jump past people on the highway.  He just flew along behind the truck with no consideration for the people who had actually done the right thing and moved over to let the fire truck pass.  The guy almost plowed into the side of me (and would have if I hadn’t checked my mirrors before moving.) and he ended up only a couple of cars ahead of me in the queue of traffic that was almost stopped trying to get onto the 427.  How is a couple of car length gains worth the risk of life?  If he doesn’t care about the injury he might cause to me or others, why doesn’t he have enough self-respect to look after his own personal safety??  Trust me – no job is so important that you should be driving like a maniac and taking huge risks trying to get to it.  Well except for the job the firemen were trying to get to.

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