Plagued By Dumbasses

August 21, 2007

Thank you stranger!!

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Last night Jason and I experienced gut-wrenching fear as we were walking our wee dog in the park.  She was playing with another dog and so we dropped her leash to avoid getting her all tangled up.  Things were fine until someone set off some fireworks.  Regal is really skittish around loud noises and before we could grab the end of her leash, she was off.  She may be a small dog with short legs but she can move!!  She was across the park and headed for the road and with every step she took my stomach tightened.  She doesn’t consistently respond to her name or the “come” command, especially when she is startled, so I knew she wouldn’t stop.  We ran after her and were fully expecting to hear the screech of tires on Queen Street as she darted across heading for home.  With tears running down my face and Jason trying to calm me down, we wandered the park yelling her name.  We were so afraid that she would get hit by a car as she has to cross two intersections between the park and our house.  We also knew that she was probably terrified now that she was off on her own without either of her people to calm her down.    We split up and headed for the street, calling for her as we went.  I exited the park at Crawford and headed towards Queen planning to ask people if they had seen a little dog flying down the street.  As I reached the street I saw a man approaching me walking a dog.  The street light hit the dog and I saw the brown ears and patch of brown on the ribs and I knew it was our Regal.  I called her name and she tugged so hard to get to me that the man dropped her leash and she lept into my arms.  I was so happy to see her!  The man had found her frozen in the middle of the Ossington/Queen intersection and he collected her.  Thankfully he was heading back to the park when I caught him.  He said that he has had a dog run away before and figured the park was where her owners were.  I am sure I looked quite the shock with tears all over my face and almost shaking in fear for our wee dog.  I was so happy I just wanted to hug him.   With Regal in my arms safe and sound I headed back into the park to find Jason and let him know that she was okay.   He jogged up to us in relief when he heard me yelling that she was okay and that I had her.

It is heart warming to know that there are people in the city that will take the time to try and help a little dog and try to return her to the people that have become quite attached to her.  She may drive us crazy sometimes but the 10 minutes she was missing were absolutely heart-breaking.  Tangled up or not – she will have to deal with being on her leash.  We do not need a repeat of last night.

Thank you again stranger!!  Thanks to you we only had 10 minutes of fear instead of having to say goodbye to Regal forever.

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