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April 3, 2006

2 drives are better than one

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My pessimistic nature has been telling me to back-up my laptop for a while and so I did some asking around on what the best options were and I was pointed in the direction of the Buffalo LinkStation. (Thanks Taras!) It had a lot of great reviews and it fit in my budget. I opted for an NAS device instead of a standard external hard drive because I am lazy and if I had to locate the hard drive and connect it to my computer every time I wanted to back stuff up – well I just wouldn’t do it. This way I can schedule it to do all the work for me without having to remember. That works perfectly for a girl who has a memory that seems to fail her more and more every day. Hmm, what was I talking about again…oh yeah – my new gadget.

Today my new gadget arrived and in about 20 minutes it was set-up and my laptop was being backed-up. It is really light and really quite small as you can see from the picture. And now all my mucho importante (well actually mundane and boring may be a better description) data is all safe and secure. Whee!
The PackRat
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