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March 14, 2006

Please let me introduce you to a new family member

Filed under: Techy Tales — by gresmer @ 10:11 pm

Harmony 880A while ago I was told about this wonderful gadget that I have been dreaming about ever since. The gadget that had me drooling was the Logitech Harmony 880 remote. I have been watching for sales as the remote is ridiculously expensive and finally a few weeks ago I found one. I found a site selling it for almost half its regular price. I could resist no longer and before you could find the right buttons on the 4 remotes I needed to use to watch TV, I had ordered my new gadget. It arrived a while ago but I had some things I had to finish up before my birthday and so I left my new toy in the box until I had finished my homework. I didn’t get both my homework tasks done but I did get the hardest one done so as a reward I opened the box.

This thing is awesome!! Instead of using one remote to turn on my TV, another to turn on my cable box and yet another to turn on my speakers I can now hit one button and my fabulous new friend does all that for me. It rocks!!!! I haven’t played with all the options yet but just the fact that I no longer have to shuffle 4 remotes is such a relief. Welcome to the family Harmony!
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